It’s that time of year when we’re looking at ahead to the week’s activities: buying the Thanksgiving turkey, pulling out the favorite dressing recipe and planning when we’re going to put up all the Christmas decorations. Is it me or have people put up their outdoor lights extremely early this year? Me – well, I like to wait until the temps are hovering around zero instead of taking advantage of the warm days.


▢ Keep your tree well-hydrated and away from heat sources
▢ Childproof your decorations
▢ Hang outdoor lights safely – be sure to use ladder safety
▢ Do not overload outlets
▢ Opt for battery-operated candles
▢ Look for safety-certified decorations
▢ Don’t leave children unattended

Above all, enjoy your time this next week with family & friends. It’s a weekend where we take a few days of vacation from home inspecting to spend time celebrating and being grateful. Celebrating Thanksgiving before Christmas. Here’s to a blessed Thanksgiving week!

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