One of the value-added services that we home inspectors can perform is infrared thermal imaging. Infrared scans help alleviate fears of the unknown for our clients regarding issues of moisture and water leaks.

Here’s a few questions that can help you determine if thermal infrared imaging would be beneficial to add to your home inspection:

  • Does your home feel colder than it should?
  • Do you have an older home (+70 years)?
  • Has your home been through a flood, located in a low lying area, or has it had roof damage from high winds?
  • Is your home a newly constructed home?

For more information on infrared thermal imaging and the benefits for your home, see our two-part blog post: Part 1 and Part 2.

Infrared, Windows and More

Infrared and air gaps

This is where most people think that infrared helps, and it does. You can ask questions like: Do you feel a draft on a windy day? Do you hear the wind seemingly coming through the walls or doors?

These may be a few of the causes: 

  • The house has settled and the foundation has slightly shifted
  • It may need insulation
  • The window framing may have warped over the years

What Can I Do?

First and foremost, have your home inspected by someone who is trained at infrared. Be sure to ask if your inspector has taken classes, or if they just happen to have an infrared camera. It’s one of the reasons we chose to be certified by Monroe Infrared Technology.

Monroe Infrared
Monroe Infrared Certified Residential Thermography certification

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