Pricing starts at $275 (Condo/Townhome) or $300 (Single Family Home). It is based on finished square footage and other variables like age and travel distance. Multi-Family homes and investment properties have additional costs. Please contact the office for an accurate quote.

If you’re ready to schedule you may do so 24/7 online or by calling our office.

We know a home inspection is important, and you’re investing a lot of money in your home. Our pricing is competitive, and we guarantee you will get a superior inspection, a thorough and detailed report, and our expertise following the inspection as well. All of our inspectors are AHIT certified.

*We offer discounts for Military, Police Officers, Fire Fighters/EMS, and Full-time Pastors.

** Fill out the form on this page for an estimate. Please keep in mind additional charges may be added for mileage surcharge, older homes, and additional buildings on the property.

Our team is ready to serve you in Central Iowa.