It’s not often that you get a phone call from your local news station asking if they can do a news clip later that day. Well, maybe for some people it is. Given the sudden turn of temperatures this past week here in Des Moines and much of the Midwest, homeowners have found themselves scrambling trying to get their homes winterized!

Being on camera is not my forte, so I delegated the responsibility to our son Chris who represented us well and shared some good tips with homeowners. Things like removing your garden hoses from the hose bib (something everyone knows but oftentimes forget); checking the seals around doors and windows; insulating and more. We’re always glad to share some of our expertise with folks to help them winterize their homes. You might enjoy the whole article or video here. I’m not ready for winter; but then who is!?!

We see it all when we’re inspecting homes. And being a homeowner is a huge responsibility. Best to keep up with tasks on a regular basis to help alleviate big headaches later. It’s a beautiful day here today, so maybe you can still get those last minute fall winterizing jobs done.