You can’t see, smell or taste radon, but it could be present at a dangerous level in your home. Experts say radon is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers in America and claims the lives of about 21,000 Americans each year. In fact, the EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General urge all Americans to protect their health by testing their homes, schools and other buildings for radon.

Exposure to radon is a preventable health risk and testing radon levels in your home can help prevent unnecessary exposure. If a high radon level is detected in your home, you can take steps to fix the problem to protect yourself and your family.

Many homebuyers choose to test radon prior to purchasing a home. And while many home inspectors offer radon, it is not our area of expertise. That’s why we chose seven years ago to partner with someone who does understand radon and who stays on top of everything radon. Our partnership with Thomas Selgrade is invaluable for our clients. And when homebuyers schedule a home inspection with us we offer a discount so they pay only $100 for a radon test at the time of the inspection. It’s a small price for making sure radon levels are safe in your home. As always, if you have any questions you can “Check with Chuck”.

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