For the next few several blog posts we’re going to talk about phase inspections on new homes. We love new home construction. In fact, we (Chuck and Chris) both have built new homes for ourselves doing the majority of the work. It’s a lot of work; and we can speak from experience what goes into the building of a home.

In our suburb of Ankeny, listed in 2019 by the Des Moines Register as one of the fasted growing cities in the country, homes are going up at an alarming rate. And in Iowa, new construction continued to be on the rise all of 2019 and is expected to follow that same trend in 2020. And when homes go up at this pace, builders and city code inspectors can miss things. We recommend people building new homes spend the additional money (average of $300-$400) for a phase inspection on their new construction home.

What’s Involved in a Phase Inspection?

  • Compliance with engineered drawings if provided
  • Plumbing systems reviewed
  • Duct work should not be encumbered by other building materials
  • Roof structure is supported and sloped
  • Outlets spaced properly
  • Proper gauge wiring is installed
  • All connections in junction boxes
  • Electrical systems are properly grounded

Next month we’ll talk about the common errors we find in new home construction inspections. In the end friends, spending the additional money to have an independent home inspector who works for you is far worth the headaches and surprises you may encounter down the road.