When we first began conversations with Mark about joining our company it was over two years ago when we learned he had been pursuing training to be an inspector. We’ve known Mark from our church for several years; and always known him to be a quality home builder/remodeler of more than 40 years, as well as a guy of great integrity. He follows our standards of having a keen eye to detail; and our clients already like working with him.
Over the past few years Mark has wanted to make a transition out of home building, so we began our training process back in the winter; and we’re grateful to announce he’s ready to go.

Mark completed the training and final exam through the American Home Inspectors Training, and has already proved to be a great asset to our multi-inspector company. And are we ever glad he’s with us! This spring and summer has been record-breaking in the number of inspections we’ve performed.

To learn more about Mark you can read his bio on our website. Please join us in welcoming Mark to Wiemann Home Inspection. You can email him here.