It’s no surprise that nearly everything has changed in this COVID-19 world.  Over the past year I’ve learned how to Zoom with our financial planner, how to Zoom a family meeting with my daughter who lives overseas, and how to watch our worship services online; but I’ve not been asked if I would perform a home inspection via Zoom.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point I’d get asked that question!

wiemann home inspection

  Thankfully, out of the nearly 1100 home inspections our team did in 2020, we only had to cancel two due to potential someone in the home knowingly having covid; and for the most part our clients were more than happy to trust us to do a thorough home inspection, provide a report with lots of detailed photos and comments following.  Still, the question lingers from some “Can You Do My Home Inspection Via Zoom?” Here’s a few reasons we would give as to why this should not ever happen (in our opinion); and more than likely, is something we would never consider:

  • Home inspections are very much hands on.  Most of the systems and parts of a home have to be touched, turned on or off, started to evaluate their condition. You, the home buyer would not be happy if you moved into your home and weren’t absolutely certain that everything was run, turned on, etc. at the time of the inspection. 
  • Clients want to know that their home was personally inspected without any distractions; and it would be awfully easy to miss something if you were trying to do an inspection via Zoom, type in the comments, communicate to the client, AND perform a thorough inspection.   Putting your hands on those systems helps clients feel confident we did our job.
  • Imagine zooming with your inspector as he navigates up a ladder or onto a roof, or climbs in a tiny crawlspace while he’s managing a zoom call?!? Safety first right??

While lots of businesses have been able to operate via Zoom, we certainly don’t see any benefit from providing a Zoom video inspection. But we are more than happy to continue doing home inspections in this COVID-19 craziness; and in fact, saw a nearly 50% increase in business in this past year. Homes are selling like hotcakes in this area! And we’re grateful to be serving you Monday-Friday.