What a season it is! Building a new home or a seasoned home? In the Des Moines area alone, housing sales in January of this year were up over 20% according to the Des Moines Area Association of Realtors, and homes sold in an average of 44 days. That’s compared to an average of 64 days in January of 2020. However, according to SimplyDesMoines.com, statistics also show that inventory in 2021 will continue to be low, which means it’s frustrating if you want to buy a home. You can see how low inventory is in Polk County here on a local Coldwell Banker site. We are hearing this fact regularly from the realtors who often refer clients to us – “there isn’t enough inventory”.

What’s that mean? It means people are buying or building new homes. And we also see time and again, that buyers often think if they’re buying new they’re buying perfect! But in building or buying a new home, a home inspection can save time and money. Yes, building a new home can be fun and exciting, but we encourage buyers all the time to take a step back and consider spending an average of $325 for an inspection. In addition to the home inspection, we recommend adding Infrared thermal imaging (+$75). Infrared (IR) uses a special camera to detect potential heat variances. An IR scan could save you money by detecting air gaps around windows, possible gaps in the roof (chimney, air ducts/venting, etc.), possible moisture and mold growth, plumbing issues you cannot detect visually, and insulation issues.

Recurring issues on new home inspections

  • Structural defects, improper grading and poor framing
  • Drainage issues that could lead to water and structural damage later on
  • Window leaks
  • HVAC issues including malfunctioning thermostats
  • Electrical problems and things like improperly wired outlets and open grounds
  • Plumbing issues
  • Poor or no insulation as seen in the photo above or the photo below
A new home built without adequate insulation

A home inspection when you build a new home can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. In fact, one of the additional services we provide is taking time to educate first-time buyers about their new home–something many buyers really don’t know much about. I love having conversations with our inspectors about the unique things they find on new homes when inspecting them. What I love even more is when we know we’re able to save a home buyer potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars on problems we find prior to their closing. It’s rewarding when they share how much their inspection benefited them. A home inspection certainly gives our home buyers the peace of mind knowing their new home has been inspected by knowledgeable professionals who will treat your home as one of our own.