reduce your energy bills

Due to inflation, you can expect some rise in your energy costs. But with a bunch of bills, you already have on your table, you probably don’t want more. By following these few steps, you can reduce your bills. Here are the effective ways to reduce your energy bills.

Painting your roof white

In our science books, we have read that white reflects the sunlight while dark colors absorb it.

When your roofs are painted white, they will reflect the sunlight, and you will require lesser energy to cool your houses in the summer.

You will see a significant drop in your cooling bills.

Reduce cooking time

It sounds unusual but cooking food requires more energy than you estimate. It doesn’t mean you should stop cooking but opt for better methods.

You can cook your food faster by placing lids on pots and cutting your veggies into small pieces.

Reducing cooking times also reduce your energy bills.

Re-arrange your rooms

Re-arranging your rooms also contributes to reducing your bills. Place your couches in sunny areas of the house during winter. But in summer, remove your couch from those areas and keep the curtains closed during the day.

In winter, you can use rugs and carpets to keep the floor warm and even add some mirrors that keep the room bright.

These changes appear small but show an immense impact on your energy bills.

Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat can help you decrease your bills to a great extent. You can reduce your energy bills by programming your thermostat. It should work at an optimal temperature when you are away.

During cold days, your temperature is around 18 – 20 degrees. And set the temperature at 22 – 24 degrees in summer. This minor adjustment can reduce the cost of your AC.

Insulate your home

If your house is well-insulated, you can save up to 50% of electricity annually. You can achieve this by following these simple things.

Insulate your windows and apply weather stripping to seal any gaps between doors or windows.

Add insulation on the exterior walls and close your curtains while your AC is on. And you can opt for insulating paints.

Solar Panel

To reduce your energy bills, you can install solar panels. By using these solar panels, you won’t worry about the bill as they absorb energy from the sun.

Solar panels are good, but the only catch is that if you need to recoup the expensive installation of the panels, you have to stay in that house for a long time.

Use energy-efficient lights

Do you still have those old incandescent and halogen bulbs? Then you should know they contribute a surprising amount to your bills.

You can reduce your energy bills by using energy-efficient light bulbs that consume less power and last longer.

Lights are small components, but they contribute to your energy bills. LED bulbs can reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%! You can make this even better by using sensors and a dimmer.

The dimmer switches monitor the usage of lights and ensure you use light as much as needed. While the sensors will prevent you from turning on and off your lights every time you move into your house.

The phantom usage

About 70% of the electricity you pay for gets consumed by gadgets attached to walls. Even if they get switched off, they use energy.

It is called phantom usage. Your devices like TV, computers, chargers, routers, and anything else on standby will consume energy.

The simple solution is to remove the plugs every time after use. It will help you lower your energy bills.