not a pass/fail inspection

Frequently we have clients ask us if their house ‘passed’ the inspection. It’s an understandable question, however, a home inspection is not time for a Pass/Fail approach. Buying a home is a big decision and one that deserves significant consideration. A thorough home inspection is an invaluable asset to you in the home buying process. 

As home inspectors, our goal is to give you as complete a picture as possible of the current condition of the home at the time of the inspection. We are not trying to determine if the house is in good enough condition to pass the test so that you feel comfortable purchasing the property. Instead, the intent of the inspection and the subsequent report is to help you make an informed decision about the home you are purchasing.

At every inspection, we strive to help clients learn about the property, its various components and systems. We also point out the things we see along the way. A little education about your house goes a long way in determining how you want to proceed regarding the real estate transaction.

The primary things we are looking for during an inspection include…

Anything Not Working

It could be a light fixture, sink drain, exterior outlet, bathroom vent fan, or kitchen appliance. If it doesn’t work, then it will be noted in our report. During an inspection we do our best to test every accessible outlet, window, door, sink, toilet, and so much more. If it doesn’t work properly, then you will find a picture, comment, and explanation in the report.

Major Concerns

Clients are always interested in knowing if there are any major concerns with the house. Deficiencies with roofs, foundations, and structural components of a home can be found in this category, as well as small plumbing leaks that may cause damage. 

Safety Hazards

In addition to items not working and major concerns, we are always on the lookout for safety hazards. Safety hazards can include electrical issues, missing or improper guardrails/handrails, or outdated/missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If we have any safety concerns, we will be sure to list them in the inspection report so you are aware of them when buying your home.

Maintenance Items

The vast majority of items that get highlighted on an inspection report fall under the general maintenance category. We highlight these items so that you as a homeowner are aware of them even though they often don’t come into play regarding the real estate transaction. Many clients consider this list of maintenance items to be the start of a helpful ‘to-do’ list when it comes to their home.

We encourage you to approach your Wiemann Home Inspection as an opportunity to learn more about your house, rather than a test that needs to be passed. When reading an inspection report, please take your time and read it thoroughly.  If at any point you have questions about the inspection process or the report, please reach out to us. We look forward to inspecting your home like one of our own.