You’ve made the decision to sell your home; and you want the inspection to go well. After all, you’ve found the next home of your dreams or you’ve found a property for rental or flipping. No one likes surprises; and you want your home to be ready for the inspection. What do you do next??

In order to help an inspection go smoothly we have a few quick tips:

home inspection
Remember, we can’t test a fireplace if the pilot light isn’t on
  • Remove laundry from the washer and dryer
  • Remove dishes from the sink and dishwasher
  • Remove boxes/articles/debris from around these areas: the electrical panel, the water meter, the attic opening, the furnace, the water heater and the AC
  • Leave remotes for ceiling fans, lights, fireplace, etc.
  • Leave keys for gates, outbuildings and electrical boxes
  • Leave the garage door opener for any detached garages
  • Leave utilities on
  • Leave pilot lights burning for gas-fired appliances, including the water heater

These are just a few easy tips that will help the inspector do a thorough job.