Downspouts are easy to neglect. In fact, even at my home recently, I noticed a piece of my gutter missing. With fall upon us, and leaves starting to fall it’s time to remind our homeowners to clean their gutters after leaves and acorns fall. But it’s also extremely important to remember that without fully functioning downspouts, free-flowing gutters alone won’t get the job done. We often note problems that prevent a gutter system from diverting water away from a home’s foundation.

  • Downspouts that are poorly fastened to the home
  • Leaky downspout joints and missing sections
  • Downspouts that are not correctly connected to the gutter
  • Insufficient openings for water to escape (a common cause of narrows openings is cars or lawnmowers running over the gutter extension)
  • Installation in an area with no sloping or with grading that slopes toward the home.

Checking your downspouts is simple and takes minimal time; so now, while you’re thinking about it, why not take a look at your gutters to be sure they’re in top shape for the fall. Or maybe you need to wait until the football game is over – you have my permission. – CHUCK

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