Gas fireplace safety is important as getting your furnace checked. With cooler weather comes the urge to cozy up to the fireplace with hot chocolate and a good movie. But sometimes you settle in, turn on the fireplace and notice a strange smell coming from the fireplace. Now what?

Gas fireplace safety check
Fireplace maintenance

If you have a natural gas fireplace you may notice a smell the first time you flick the switch. Most of the time it’s dust being burned off from the electric logs that have gathered since you last used it. This is fairly normal, but what do you do about it you ask?

Ever thought about vacuuming your fireplace? You should. It’s just as easy as vacuuming the rest of your house. As always, safety first! Read your owner’s manual regarding cleaning . Using a wand attachment, gently vacuum as much as you can from the logs. DO NOT remove them and wash. Any type of moisture may cause the logs to become less effective and may deteriorate the integrity of the logs. Also, don’t use any type of cloth as this may leave strands or fibers that may catch fire when you replace the logs and start it up. The glass may be cleaned with a stovetop type of cleaner. Additionallym, DO NOT use any ammonia based products because the cleaner may leave an invisible film that does not go well with heat or flame.

Of course, your best option for gas fireplace safety is to have it inspected yearly by a professional service company. They’ll check your fireplace for any potential gas leaks, carbon monoxide, proper ventilation and much more. Why not get that scheduled now before the high winter months of using your fireplace. Then settle back and enjoy that cup of hot chocolate and good movie!