Home inspection
Home Inspection

“What time is it? Let me check. Oh, it’s inspection o’clock!” Did you find the house that checks all your desired boxes? Are you going to spend this Christmas in your new home? Or have you been living in your sweet home for quite some time? Well, either is great! But I believe you should stop for a second and check whether your house is safe. Yes, I am talking about a home inspections conducted by professionals.

I know you probably have a bunch of excuses like, “It’s a new home. It doesn’t need any inspection.” “I don’t have a budget or time,” and many other things. But a complete home inspections is an opportunity for you to get exclusive access to your home’s condition.

Inspection is not only about finding a list of major or minor problems. It is also an educational session. You get to know more about your home and its quality.

And while we check every corner of your home, a few inspections top our lists.

They are:

1. Foundation

The foundation is the most crucial structure of any building. During a home inspections, foundation checking is one of our top priorities. If you ignore foundation issues, they can get serious, and repair can get more costly.

Therefore, we closely inspect your home looking for cracks, mold, and settlement problems. If there is any crawl space, know that we’ll do a quick inspection of the moisture and wrapping that can damage wood support.

If you have repaired the foundation before, we will check that also. During a foundation inspection, our prime focus is water penetration as it can rot and decay the place.

2. Roof inspections

No home inspections is complete without the roof inspection. A perfect roof keeps the home well insulated and maintains the air quality. It is better to get the inspection done before it is too late. Often roof replacement can cost a pretty penny.

While inspecting the roof, an inspector climbs up for a standard visual examination and some checks from ladders.

Inspectors check every component of the roof to make sure that it is watertight. We also ascertain the amount of life that your roof has left.

Certain damages, leaks, mislaid shingles or tiles, and cracks can ruin your beautiful roof. But don’t worry, we will help you out. All of the above problems get a resolution after the examination.

3. Plumbing issues

Okay, let me ask you one thing: what is more stressful than leaks? The untreated leaks! At first, these small leaks and water dripping don’t appear as a big issue. But if you leave water leaks untreated, they can create a bigger mess.

Leaks and poor plumbing can affect the foundation of your house, floors, walls, and almost everything that comes into its contact.

During the home inspections, we take all the leaks and damage caused into consideration. All the corroded and broken pipes get replaced.

We also inspect walls and floors for moisture and contamination issues. The drain pumps and the sump pumps also get examined.

4. HVAC System

We inspect your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system during the home inspections. We check whether your HVAC system is serving every area evenly.

After inspection, we will inform you if a unit appears outdated or has an issue. Your heating devices also get checked. We turn them on to see how efficiently they work.

Thermostats get reviewed too. The water heaters, vents, and chimneys also get a thorough inspection. Upon checking water heaters, we even describe whether the size is adequate for the family.

As for ventilation, inspectors check every corner, including your crawl area and attic, to ensure that there is proper ventilation everywhere and that no moisture can lead to mold or moss.

5. Electrical system

To check the electrical system during the home inspection is one of our top priorities. Issues regarding electricity can be a threat to your and your family’s safety. Electricity is one of the prime causes of house fires. Therefore it always needs to be in the perfect situation.

While inspecting, we make sure every part of the wiring is safe and secured. The grounding also needs to be good, and you get informed if there is any corroded wire.

We inspect service panels, breakers, fuses, switches, and receptacles. The GFCI outlets get examined too. 

These are the things that top our list during any home inspections. To learn more about our services, click here.