Your HVAC system can also have significant problems. Therefore, they too need inspections.

We know home inspections can be a tedious process. And you will face these inspections mainly when you are buying or selling a house. But we aim to make this process as easy as possible for you. And if you are moving into a new home, you don’t want to deal with any HVAC problems.

Even if you have been living in your home for quite some time now, these HVAC problems can be irritating.

When your HVAC system isn’t working, the entire house feels uncomfortable. Your HVAC unit can create a better environment with a perfect temperature, or it can be a huge mess. After all, no one wants to feel a sudden rise or fall in temperature.

Since the HVAC system is essential for every house, we have compiled a list of the most common HVAC problems found during home inspections.

Common HVAC problems – Heating unit

Let us first start with the heating equipment:

1. Filters

The filters play a significant role in keeping your system’s mechanical parts clean. But they also clean the air passing through the HVAC system.

Not taking proper care of the filters can create a list of problems. It can cause airflow issues, the cooling system becomes inefficient, and the power bill increases, followed by health issues. It can also put lots of pressure on the furnace.

2. Leakage

Gas leaks are probably one of the immense HVAC problems because any gas leak is directly related to a broken heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger is worse than you may think. The heat exchanger is responsible for separating the combustion process from the air you breathe.

If it leaks, dangerous gases like carbon monoxide can get emitted into the environment. To avoid such harmful conditions, you should get a proper inspection of the furnace done.

3. Electrical issues

Do you know the most common cause of house fires? Faulty wiring! These defective wires are the most common cause of HVAC problems. Poor wiring or undersized wiring is likely to blow away the fuse. During heavy heating, breakers can also trip.

You should have the main switch to cut the electricity during an emergency. 

4. Exhaust flue

This vent is for removing all the by-products. And it should be well supported by a chimney. Always keep it separate from flammable substances.

5. Furnace issues

You won’t often witness sounds coming from the furnace. But if there are any, it is because of loose parts, and an inspector will recommend you get the screws and bolts tightened.

HVAC problems – cooling unit

1. Leakage

Leaks in cooling equipment are one of the common HVAC problems. Leaks can occur due to faulty air conditioners, humidifiers, or any nearby plumbing. 

Refrigerants and gases get emitted out, and this could be dangerous. But don’t try to solve it yourself. Leave the leak as it is and call a professional to handle it.

2. Jammed condenser drains

Condensation is collected while cooling gets expelled through a drain hose. But if this hose gets jammed/clogged, moisture issues can arise as the water will stay there.

3. condenser unit

The AC condenser pad for the outside condenser should be within 10 degrees of level. If the position is wrong, the lubricant efficiency decreases, and the refrigerant line gets stressed. 

Proper installation of units is necessary else it can result in the leakage of harmful gases like CO in the future.

4. Dirty condenser coils

The condenser’s airflow and energy efficiency get low because of dirty coils. Keep the condenser separate from plants or any other obstruction, and clean the condenser coil with a vacuum cleaner.

HVAC problems – Ventilation

1. Improper sealing of attic

Often homeowners seal their attic to save energy, but if the attic is improperly sealed, one could end up with serious problems.

If there isn’t adequate ventilation to maintain the humidity level, the moisture level will rise, and when paired with heat, mold will grow to ruin your walls.

2. Bathroom vents in the attic

Many times people connect the bathroom vents to the attic. It is one of the common HVAC problems. When you allow most of the moisture-bearing air of the bathroom to flow into the attic, the wooden structure will get damaged, and mold will grow on them.

Few HVAC problems common in heating and cooling units

Heating and cooling units have different problems. But there are a few issues that can be present in both.

Old system

If your HVAC is old, it can create frequent problems. Generally speaking, HVAC units can work fine for 10-15 years. If the unit is close to this age, an expert inspector will tell you when you will need a replacement.

Older HVAC units used a refrigerant called Freon, but now it isn’t available. Always pay attention to your HVAC system’s life expectancy.

Rough installation

As mentioned, if there is an improper installation, then the efficiency of your system can decrease to a great extent. Moreover, many dangerous gases will escape from the cracks and cause safety hazards. Take care of the installation. Get the ventilation and ductwork checked by a professional.