foundation inspection

The structure that remains the most hidden in a house is the foundation. You will never know about the problems of your foundations because it is unknown. But there are many problems a foundation can face, and the first step to finding these problems is by foundation inspection.

Let us see the processes involved in an inspection.

Process of foundation inspection

There is a standard process of foundation inspection. This thorough process helps identify the cracks, leaks, damaged walls, and other issues that affect the foundation.

Often the first step is to note down the problems that you are facing. If you have issues with doors or slanting ground, the inspectors will first evaluate the exterior of your home.

Slab investigation includes walking around the property and observing any cracks in slabs, brick veneer, or fascia boards. The beam foundations also get checked, and inspectors look for any moisture or moldy smell in the crawl area.

This inspection will also help you in knowing the condition of piers, joists, and beams. They should be dry, and if found wet or rotten, there is a problem.

Then comes the interior inspection of the house. Here professionals look for cracks on floors, ceilings, or walls. And after this, the level of your foundation is checked. Sometimes the problems detected are like faulty installation of the piers. And inspectors will tell you if the cracks are cosmetic.

Do you need an inspection now?

Settling houses is common, especially in areas where the ground shifts due to seismic activity. Not to mention harsh weather also contributes to the wearing of the material. And new houses can also have structural issues.

When you have faced anything similar to extreme weather, your foundation can suddenly reach a questionable state. Call a professional!

It is dangerous to be in a house where the foundation could collapse. If a professional can’t reach you at that time, relocate to a safer zone.

And even if you see minor cracks, you never know when they will become an emergency. So don’t wait and give professionals a call.

Conditions like sinkholes, walls separating from others, or the house getting hit by a vehicle are also situations demanding quick actions. 

Cost of foundation inspection

There is no specific cost since every situation is unique, but on average, a proper foundation inspection will cost around $400-$800. And if you have a complex building requiring a more detailed examination, the price can rise as high as $3000. 

The inspection cost doesn’t involve repairs, but it is essential since it helps to know that the structure is sound.

Generally, repairs like foundation or roof are considered expensive. But if you know the problem before it becomes severe, you can repair things before they become costly.

The local rate of inspection, the hourly rate of professionals, the type of property, and the severity of the damage conclude the amount of the examination.

Should you hire professionals?

We always encourage homeowners to look after their house’s system and maintenance. They should also check the signs of structural deterioration. If you regularly pay attention to your place, you can detect minor or major issues. And get them repaired before they become severe or costly.

If you inspect your basement and find it is wet or the doors are sticking, and the floor appears slanting, note it. And you can inform a professional about this.

Because homeowners are not qualified to check their houses, you need a professional to study the problems in detail.

Every foundation inspectors have years of knowledge and real-life experience handling load bearing, beams, structure, and force under their belts. Inspecting a foundation requires the logic they have.

Moreover, a professional will give you an accurate report of what is wrong and how to make it right. You shouldn’t apply DIY. Never hire an unprofessional inspector, as things can get worse.

When hiring an engineer, check whether they are qualified and know how to repair foundations and do waterproofing of foundations.

Hire professionals

If you are also looking for a professional, then here are a few tips that you can follow:

  1. Check the reviews of the professional or website online. Look how well they have performed.
  2. Only hire the ones who have the appropriate licenses.
  3. Choose a company that has been in business for a long time and has happy customers.
  4. They should be qualified to inspect the type of building or house you own.
  5. Ask multiple inspectors about your problems to obtain the best results.

These few things will help you find the best inspector for your foundation inspection.