skipping the home inspection

A few days ago, I came across a piece of news from Ontario. A couple moved in into a new house but planned on skipping the home inspection. Only to find that mushrooms and fungus were growing all over the kitchen. The toilets were sinking deep down because of the rotting foundation. And the debris of shingles kept falling off the roof.

Skipping the house inspection has cost them more than the inspection. Their dream house turned into a nightmare just because of skipping inspection. For many individuals, buying a house or a flat is probably the most expensive purchase they will ever make. And ignoring a professionally done home inspection during this time doesn’t sound wise.

Ignoring inspections can take a toll on you and your loved ones, as it did on this couple.

A similar thing happened to another family who considered it was good to renounce the inspection and eventually ended up in dire straits. They now need to spend $120,000 only to replace the septic. The family still couldn’t believe they currently require a mortgage for the septic.

They said in the interview that they had already spent over $10,000 on the repair of the basement and foundations.

We never want anything similar to happen to you too. Therefore don’t think about skipping the home inspection.

Experts say if the dealer is skipping inspections, consider it a red flag.

Here are reasons why you should never consider skipping home inspections.

1. Unnoticed safety issues

It isn’t easy to point out all the problems in your house unless you are an expert! But not everyone is a specialist and therefore needs a professional to take care of the house.

A home inspection can give you a list of issues that can be dangerous for your family’s safety. Any home inspection takes hours of careful survey. Then the professionals list problems like carbon monoxide, electrical issues, and fire hazards.

Something as simple as a bird’s nest in the chimney or the soot build-up in the fireplace can contribute to house fires. You would never know that the heating ducts are leaking carbon monoxide gas and gradually poisoning everyone.

Therefore it is not a good decision to skip home inspections. We often encounter situations where the problem was so critical that the parts got replaced immediately.

2. Expensive repairs and replacements

Do you think that units that require major replacements or expensive repairs will jump out at you? It is a mentality of house owners. They assume that the big problems are easily noticeable.

But in contrast to this, many expensive repairs we mentioned to homeowners came as a surprise to them.

Often problems that can halt the process of buying a new house are concealed by designs, and only a thorough inspection can grasp these hidden faults. In our years of service, we found myriad deal-breaking problems like serious leaks painted over to cracked and rotting foundations hidden with designs.

Some of these issues can cost over $100,000 to repair. We ask you to get inspections done by professionals as it takes years of practice to gain skills for pointing out errors in the home. A professional will tell you things about your house that no one will.

Dealers can tell you how a part got constructed, but inspections will tell you how that part fell and how to repair it.

With an inspection, you will find out the flaws in the house and if they are truly worth your time and money.

3. Forget maintenance                   

No one wants to repair or replace parts of the house just after buying it. The home inspectors will tell you everything about your house and will advise you about the future maintenance needs of the house.

When you know that you will face situations like roof repair/replacement or installation of a new furnace in the future, you can create a financial plan. And be ready ahead of time. Knowing the defects before the actual time comes helps you create a budget.

You should get this inspection, especially for new properties, because you want to be aware of things you will face shortly after moving in.

Assume you are getting a good deal for a low price. You should know the reason behind it. Maybe you get the house for a reasonable price. But months after you move in, there is a need for roof replacement, basement or foundation problems, and many other expensive problems. You should leave such deals and look for a better house even if the rate is a little high.

These things will affect you if you plan on skipping the home inspection. If you have already moved into a new house without checking, then don’t worry. It is not too late. Feel free to pick up your phone and give us a call!