new construction home inspection

You will think of getting a home inspection done while buying an old house but not when its a new. We assume newly built houses don’t require examinations. Because to us, new means perfect. But that doesn’t always happen. A new construction home inspection is necessary.

Never think if the house is brand new, you don’t need any inspection. We always suggest homeowners with new homes get an inspection done. You may be shocked that we have found faults and issues in these so-called perfect houses.

When you buy a new house, your contract will include a final walkthrough but not an inspection. It is your responsibility to ask for a complete examination. Most people skip it. But it doesn’t matter whether your house is new or a century old get a home inspection done.

Now let us see why you need a home inspection for your new property.

Why you need new construction home inspection

The buyers get lured into buying new houses because they think new construction won’t have any issues. Problems like poor electrical systems, outdated plumbing, a destroyed roof, or cosmetic damages won’t be present in the new house.

Imagine this scenario, the contractors responsible for building your house worked fast. Too fast. And ended up building just the bare-bone structure of the house, or they distributed their work to vendors who weren’t so careful with their job. You will end up with a perfect-looking but weak house.

Your house can have flaws. But what are things that can go wrong in a new home?

Things that go wrong in a new house

These new constructions get inspected by the engineers of the city, still can have issues. The engineers look mainly if the wiring is done correctly or not. And they skip examining minute structures that can create trouble later.

Many people think skipping the new construction home inspection is a way of saving money. Only to find later that it’s not. During the inspection, we detect problems at their initial phase, and the repair doesn’t cost much. But after some time, these petty issues turn into prominent ones.

Here is the list of outdoor problems new houses can have:

  1. Faulty siding installation
  2. Cracks in sideways and driveway
  3. Wrong grading
  4. Drainage problems
  5. Cracks/gaps in decks and patios

These are the indoor issues:

  1. Cracks in walls and nails popping out
  2. Structural framework issue
  3. Water and floor issues
  4. Doors sticking shut
  5. Leaking or damaged appliances
  6. Humidity issues

A simple inspection that you do now will save you and your money from future issues.

A house purchase is costly, and you may want to get things done ASAP, but a new construction home inspection will ensure your house is safe. The inspections are necessary for buyers. It helps them recognize any issue present in the home before they buy it. 

Is a home inspection for a new house worth it?

Are you unable to decide whether your new house needs an inspection? It shouldn’t be hard to choose. A home inspection will be beneficial for your house.

There is possibly no drawback in getting a home inspection done, except the cost. For a buyer with a tight budget, home inspections can be challenging. The extra expense can be a disadvantage of the home inspection.

Don’t ignore inspections even if you are involved in construction work and know a lot about houses.

When to do the new construction home inspection?

You can get the inspection done whenever you want. But it is wise to get two examinations. Yes, these inspections are necessary. The first inspection is before the drywall so the inspectors can see the wirings and other electrical settings. And the other one is after the drywall gets made.

You can arrange the inspection even if your house isn’t complete. And if your constructor isn’t liking the idea of getting an inspection done, then it’s a red flag.

The prime benefit that a home inspection offers you is when problems get detected, they will fall on the contractors. If you skip a new construction home inspection, you miss a chance to force the contractors to rectify the issues, and later you have to face these issues yourself.

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