Poor roof installation

Roof installation/replacement is one of the most expensive repairs in the house. So, roofs get manufactured in a way that they last long. But after enduring harsh weather over time, they need to be replaced. However, the expense isn’t the only challenge. If you hire amateur roofers, they will do a shoddy job. It is crucial to hire experts, as you if you don’t want poor roof installation.

But if you recently got your roof repaired, you should know whether your contractor has done a great job or not. In this article, we will tell you the signs of poor installation.

You can also check your roof by visual inspection.

The visual inspection

Visual inspection has always been beneficial when it comes to inspecting roofs. Stand on the ground and examine the uniformity of your roof.

Check whether all shingles are in order and if there are cracks on roofs. Look for stains on the sidings. These stains confirm the leakage in the top. In a poor roof installation, some materials age before others.

The worst part, issues won’t be visible immediately after the repair. They take time to become perceptible. So here are things that you should look for in your roof after some time of installation.

Identify poor roof installation

Uniformity issue

You will notice signs like uniformity issues if you have a faulty installation. Unprofessional contractors often cut corners to save money and use mismatched shingles. It makes your roof appear old from one side and even causes leaks.

A professional roofer would always use the same shingles and your roof will look great from every side.

Sometimes roofers run short of the material you agreed on and use other materials for completing the project. This material can be of poor quality, and the entire look of your roof will get ruined.

Sagging rooflines

Do you see a sagging roofline after you got the roof repaired? A sound roofline should be straight and not curved.

If roofers have been careless with roof decking and framings, rooflines can sag. Inspect roof decks before laying shingles.

Shingles of different colors

While professional roofers have extra shingles stocked up, an unprofessional roofer may run out of shingles during the job. And when they miss the number of shingles, they use other colors.

And use the one available to them instead of what you agreed to. These mismatched shingles are a sign of poor roofing installation.

The roofing material is not attached correctly

Nails used for attaching roofing material are different. If nails are the wrong size, they can’t connect the materials properly. It will eventually damage the roof and shorten its life.

Structural problems

A few issues, including bad nails and materials, result in leaking and damaged roof. 

Apart from nail type, improper nailing technique also causes problems. The way roofers insert nails into the material also makes the roof better. A bad nailing technique always results in a leak.

An underdriven nail might miss the shingles, while strongly forced nails will cut the shingles.

Hardware of roof

Hardware is significant for roofs. Hence hardware, including vents, nails, decking, and drip edges, should get inspected.

Any issue in one of these hardware can ruin others. Hence, they should be accurately installed if you want a healthy roofing system.

Avoiding poor roof installation

You can prevent poor roof installation by hiring professionals from a reputed company. An experienced roofer ensures that your roof gets repaired the way it should.

Here are a few things you should check before you hire professionals. 

License and registration

Check the license and registration of your roofer. They should be vetted and certified to work under roofing projects.


I understand there can be some inexperienced people out there claiming they can do your job. Don’t trust them experience matters in every field, including roofing. Therefore, your roofer should have experience in dealing with residential roofing projects.


Reviews are proof that your roofer has completed all the previous jobs successfully. Check whether the previous clients of the roofer are happy with his work. It helps you understand the quality of work that you will get.


Hire an insured roofing contractor. So if the roofer gets injured while working on your property, his company is responsible for covering the cost, not you.


Roof installations are expensive, and if it goes wrong, can be a nightmare. It is depressing to get cut-rate work after paying so much. 

Take care of a few things before hiring any professional. And if you recently got the roof repaired, then a roof inspection is necessary.

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