roof replacements
Your roof needs proper maintenance.

If your roof looks similar to the one in the image, you probably need a roof inspection now.

Inspections are not always related to serious issues; they are like an oil change in a car. The oil change may not be necessary, but it ensures that the vehicle runs smoothly. The inspection guarantees that your home’s exteriors are free from any possible damage.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, a timely roof inspection is mandatory as cracks or holes can wreck your entire roof, and replacing it can be costly.

The inspections are like annual doctor checkups. It ascertains that your roof is durable and will stay in its place. But sometimes people aren’t aware of the damages present on their roof.

The only way to know if your roof is healthy is by booking an appointment with professionals.

It is good if your roof is healthy. But if we spot any problems, you will get informed about the damages and the repair costs.

Often, people want to know whether their roof needs an inspection. So how will you know whether you need one?

It is time for roof inspections if:

Here are a few signs that will assist you in knowing that the time for inspections has come.

1. Had a big storm

Weather is predictable, but the damage isn’t. You may assume winds won’t harm your roof but wait till you see what extreme winds or hails can do. We have inspected many roofs that suffered severe damage, like misplaced/dangling shingles, tearing of material, missing granules, and even cracks or leaks.

You may not see any damage visible, but it is better to be on the safe side and get roof inspections done because even small tears and exposure to elements can result in premature aging and replacement of the roof. Your home insurance can help you in the process.

2. Get annual roof inspections

We often see homeowners who are doubtful whether they should get their roofs checked or not. Even if your roof appears all right, scheduling an annual inspection helps you know that your roof is healthy.

A professional inspection helps you understand the condition of your roof, major or minor damages, and the life of your roof left. The professionals who inspect roofs will inform you if a roof replacement is crucial within a few years.

They will inform you regarding any future repairs, and you will be able to respond to any damages as early as possible. If you did the last inspection ages ago, then this is the right time to do the inspection.

3. Over a year without inspection!?

Have you been staying in your home for over a year but never bothered to get any roof inspections done? If yes, then it’s high time you do it. Often moving into a new house can be exciting. But if the house is pre-owned, then there is no surprise if you find some DIY.

These DIYs break more than they make and often create a bigger mess. Whether you have been staying for a year or just moved into a new house, it is better to get a roof inspection done.

Your roof often gets subjected to harsh weather. Therefore, you should allow professionals to handle it. Simple patching work won’t solve your issues. Instead, it will contribute to a rotting and leaking ceiling.

4. Want to buy/sell a house?

Opt for getting a complete roof inspection before selling. These inspections will make you aware of the missing shingles, rusted nails, leaks, and even gutter replacement. Replacing the roof is the most effective way to increase your property’s value.

Some homeowners claimed that they were able to recover 60% of the cost they put on roof replacement. Many recovered 100% cost of replacement. When you replace the roof, your house looks much better, and buyers won’t have much room for negotiation.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer, even if the property seller claims, do the roof inspections. Often your home insurance will cover the cost. Therefore, many do roof inspections of their home as soon as possible.

5. Damage is a call for roof inspections

Work before it’s too late! If you notice missing shingles or cracks, get alert because there is a 100% chance that more severe problems lie underneath it.

The damage caused to a roof can be because of harsh weather or time, but in either case, you should act quickly and get the roof repaired.

Allow professionals to inspect your roof and take the needed action. Schedule a roof inspection and get it checked now!

These are the circumstances when you should get a roof inspection done.