tips for fireplace safety

The fire feels good in winter but only in the fireplace. Nobody wants a house fire because of their fireplace. But it can happen if we don’t take the appropriate care of our fireplace. Last year alone, in the United States, there were 15000 house fires caused by fireplaces. Therefore today, we have come up with these tips for fireplace safety.

Let us begin.

Can your fireplace cause a fire?

This question has always confused us, but yes, the fireplace can cause a house fire. If the fireplace is not adequately maintained, then accidents can happen. The chimney should be clean. For this, you can also hire professionals.

The soot build-up in the chimney or the loose trash near the fireplace can cause a house fire.

Therefore, today we came up with a list of things you should do to minimize the odds of a house fire induced by the fireplace.

Tips for fireplace safety

1. Clean the fire break

Keep your firebox clean after every fire. You will see a firebox and a grate above the hearth. This firebox and grate catch the ashes and reduce the risk of a runaway fire.

Use any tool, broom, or scoop to clear the ashes and leftover wood from the fireplace. And if you have an ash vacuum, it is better as it will remove all the fine dust particles.

Be prepared with heat-resistant gloves and allow the coal to cool down. After this remove the dust and leftover fuels. Frequently vacating the coal won’t allow it to build up, and it can again catch up fire even from a minor spark. And obviously, remove all the fuels from the place.

2. No fuel around the fireplace

Without a doubt, there should be no fuel around the fireplace. But there is more to this. Not only fuels, but you should also remove anything that tends to catch fire.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says there should be no fuels or flammable substances around the fireplace. Things like papers, tissues, and matches should be far from the fire.

Installing a log rack and keeping a fireplace toolkit can help you. While a tool kit consisting of a broom, shovel, tongs, and poker will help clean the fireplace, a log rack will prevent embers from spitting out and landing on kindlings.

3. Burn approved fuels

We all dream of an outside fire, but it isn’t possible for everyone. And we end up sitting in an enclosed space with a fire in front.

Although sitting in an enclosed space isn’t good for our health, appropriate ventilation can reduce the risk. Along with this, good fuel also contributes to keeping the environment safe.

Use only those fuels and firewoods that are for indoor purposes. Don’t use any plastic material. Burning inappropriate fuels like pine can create lots of smoke, and plastic or household trash can release dangerous gases.

Ink on paper can give off toxic fumes in the air, so don’t burn them.

4. Look after the fire

It is the most know yet the most ignored thing! It doesn’t matter how well you maintain your fireplace, embers, can still spit out.

And even though these embers appear fragile, they can quickly start a fire if they land on flammable things. Even a couch can get on fire.

Therefore always stay close and keep an eye on the fire. If embers come out of the fireplace, take the proper actions before things get bad.   

5. Detect Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, and what makes it even more dangerous is the fact that you can neither see it nor smell it.

When you burn fuels in the fireplace, there is always a chance of carbon monoxide poisoning if your chimneys are not clean and functioning. Therefore you should install a CO detector in your house.

These detectors will help you if there is ever a rise in the level of this harmful gas.

Want to get your fireplace serviced?

You can’t remove all the CO and fire-related risks from your furnace and fireplace. Thus you should hire a professional to do the fireplace inspection. When you hire professionals, they will look at your system minutely and eliminate the blocks, leaks, or damage.

Issues such as house fires are serious, and these fireplaces are one of the main reasons for house fires. Hence a proper inspection is a must for them. These inspections will make you and your loved ones feel safe.

These are the tips for fireplace safety. Follow them and enjoy your winters without worries.