If you have ever had a home inspection, you probably know these inspections are worth every penny. A home inspection gives you a complete list of problems that your house may have. And you may not know but there are many things that fail a home inspection. Here is the list of typical items that a home inspection will come across.

Things that fail a home inspection
Things that fail a home inspection

1. Structure issues

The problem sounds familiar. It is because the structure of the house is a crucial thing. It doesn’t matter the type of paint or the interior you choose. Everything becomes useless without a proper foundation. You will face many problems like water leaks or moisture issues without the correct foundation.

When buying any home, you need to be sure the property isn’t affected by any such problems. A home inspection is recommended to become aware of these problems. They can go unnoticed by living in a house with poor structure and foundation.

2. Wet Basement

Does your current home have a basement? Do the moisture check now! Proper ventilations keep your home dry and free from moisture, but since basements are below ground, there is no ventilation. And therefore, it is a moisture-prone area.

And this moisture is more dangerous than you may think. It can break your brick and concrete. Molds also start to grow on the wall. It is the main reason why you need a proper basement inspection done.

3. Radon gas

Radon gas is one of the things that fail a home inspection. As you may already know, radon gas is a radioactive gas that emerges from decaying uranium in the soil. Radon causes health issues like lung cancer, but the main problem is you can neither smell nor see the gas.

It will harm your family and others but goes unnoticed without a proper inspection. When you have the home inspection, and the results show the presence of radon gas in the house, never proceed to take that house unless the gases get removed.

4. Fireplace and chimney inspections

The fireplace and the chimney are places that get easily avoided when it comes to inspection. You will never imagine that soot that builds up in the chimney can cause a fire.

Ask your inspector for a proper inspection. The inspector will check all the dampers to see whether they are working and look for any nest build-up. Inspectors also check the crawl place and the roof of the house.

5. Asbestos inspection

In recent years researchers have proven asbestos is a cancer-causing substance. When the fine dust particles of asbestos reach the air, it is easily breathable. These particles can cause lung cancer and asbestosis mesothelioma.

Old houses used this material for building purposes. When buying an old home, make sure there is no asbestos present.

And since asbestos is so dangerous, it is advised not to remove this substance yourself. You should call professionals who have the proper equipment needed for the removal.

6. Plumbing

Plumbing problems can be prominent and minor too. Minor issues could be like a simple faucet leak or a slow drain, but the major problems could be cross-connection problems where another water source contaminates the household water.

Sometimes you would also need to replace pipes. Plumbing is a serious issue because some hidden leaks may remain untreated and can be a reason to spread mold.

7. Electrical problems

Electrical problems are one of the things that fail a home inspection. Every year thousands of house fires start just because of electrical issues. So, every home inspector must pay close attention to the electrical system.

The electrical system has many common issues, like over-fusing, DIY wiring, and mismatched wires.

8. Roofing material

Roofing material is one of the things that fail a home inspection. Roofs are a significant part of any house. And if the roof leaks, then the interior of the home is likely to be infested with many problems. The home inspectors check the roof thoroughly for any cracks or leaks that could affect the house.

They check whether the material is still in good condition. Also, the installment of materials gets reviewed. It may be one of the costliest repairs, but it’s essential.

These are the main things that fail a home inspection. Therefore, a proper check is necessary. If you’re looking for peace of mind for your current home or a potential new purchase, then feel free to call us!