flooded basements

Your active sump pumps may not last forever, and they won’t give you any signs to let you know it is failing. It will silently fail, and you will be unaware. Flooded basements and sump pump problems are the most common issues for every homeowner.

Days become unbearable when this happens, and most owners don’t even know what to do. If you are one of them, have a backup sump pump installed.

Most people find ways to overlook this part, but it is crucial. There are a few backup systems available in the market.

The first one is a battery-powered pump, the next is a water-powered pump and the portable backup generator.

Battery powered pump

A battery backup for the sump pump is the favorite choice of homeowners because it is easy to install, use and maintain. Also, it is affordable. 

You plug them in a sump pump to use them, and there is no need for tough wiring. If your power fails, this backup will automatically work. So you don’t have to worry about sleeping through a power outage and waking up to see that your basement has turned into a pool. 

However, you may find some pros and cons of the battery backup for your sump pump.


These battery backups of the sump pump offer an incredible pumping volume. Power outages due to heavy storms and rain may occur. It saves you from all the water that tries to enter your foundation as it is automatic.


These battery backups won’t last forever. It is a downside. If the power outage is for a short time, they will suffice, but in an extended power cut, they will exhaust. And you end up with flooded basements.

Plus, these battery backups can’t be a permanent solution. Even high-quality backups only work for 5 – 6 years.

Water-powered sump pump backup

This option is better than the battery backup. It doesn’t get plugged into your sump pump like battery ones. The water-powered sump pump backup is separate from your pump. 

These water-powered backups work as long as there is a working water supply. They use water pressure to create a suction that keeps your house dry.

But this backup also has some pros and cons.


The battery backups ultimately run out of juice but not the water-powered backups. These backups work for a long time, and homeowners can expect them to work for at least 20 years without replacement.


There are a few downsides to water-powered backups. These water-powered backups can lose their power if the water pressure is not much in the house thus causing flooded basements.

The water-powered backups are expensive when it comes to purchasing and installation. You need to hire a professional to install them properly.

You should know one more thing before choosing the water-powered sump pump backup. It can’t get installed in houses with wells.

The portable backup generator

The portable backup generator is a way to keep your sump pump powered through outages by using a backup generator.

A backup generator supplies energy to your house and keeps your sump pump running.


These generators have no specific limit for running. They work for a long time and provide brilliant protection from water damage. If there is enough gas available, these generators will work for a long time. 

But as the generators run, they can cause noise while they keep your sump pump running.


When you compare the cost of these generators, you will see they are far more costly than water and battery backups. They are expensive but will work effortlessly for over 20 years if you take good care of your generators.

A smart sump pump system

When you get the ideal sump pump system for your house, you should also install a reliable water alarm. These water alarms are crucial during rainy days. Plus, they will alert you about the water flowing constantly from a failed sump pump.

You can also consider installing a smart pump system that employs an alarm with a switch that automatically activates your sump pump backup during a power outage.

But while installing any sump pump, consider getting a specialist who will explain the best backup for you and install the system correctly.