AC maintenance tips

We recently shared an article listing some common HVAC problems. Let us see the AC maintenance in detail. There is plenty of time left before we encounter summer and the hot sun’s rays. However, this is the most optimum time to know a few things about your beloved AC. Since it will be one of the most used units during summer, we will provide some AC maintenance tips.

There are a few basic ways to identify that your air conditioner has technical errors.

  • Your unit is making unusual sounds.
  • It is not working efficiently.
  • Electricity bills are increasing for no apparent reason.
  • Your air conditioner is releasing warm air.
  • A vile smell emitted from the machine.

Even simple problems can affect the work of your machine and increase your bills.

AC maintenance tips

Here are the simple tips that you can follow to keep your AC clean and healthy.

Replace filters when needed

Your air conditioner functions great when the threshold of air circulation exceeds but on the contrary if the filters of the unit are clogged, the efficiency drops significantly.

When the filters are dirty, the overall quality of air given out by the unit decreases. The machine then requires more time to do less work. Thus, increasing your bills.

When such things happen, you should opt for a new filter. You will often get recommendations to change the filters every two months. It improves the functioning of your unit significantly.

It might seem too much to take care of, but this is a relatively inexpensive method of keeping your AC in top-notch condition. If you avoid changing the filters when required, you may encounter costly repairs.

Depend less on AC

You can circulate cold air evenly throughout your house by installing fans. You won’t be compromising convenience, and the electricity bill will also reduce significantly.

If fans operate, air won’t get collected on the floor and will cool the entire house.

Closely pack doors and windows

The following AC maintenance tips include tightly latching all doors and windows. When your air conditioner operates, be sure your house’s openings are closed.

The cold air can quickly leak outside, even if there are tiny holes and because of the holes effort of your AC goes to waste.

It can have an adverse consequence on the overall performance of the unit over time. So always double-check the doors and windows.

AC maintenance service

Whether you installed a brand new AC or have a relatively old one, AC maintenance service is mandatory.

These simple inspections ensure that your machines are working with the same efficiency and accuracy they were supposed to without any errors.

Regular maintenance helps you detect problems at the initial stage, and repairs are minor. But when they get overlooked, it can lead to more critical situations. These services also extend the life of air conditioners.

Cover your outside condenser

It goes unnoticed, but the heat outside substantially damages your outside condenser. Gradually the efficiency of the condenser decreases, and your home won’t cool down.

To protect your outdoor units, you can install preventive shadings. It won’t let your units get damaged by heat. These shadings only protect from outside temperatures and never hinder airflow.

Clean AC’s components

One of the most fundamental AC maintenance tips is ensuring your AC’s components are clean.

The exterior unit of the AC is often cleaned and will work efficiently with simple maintenance, but cleaning condensers can be tedious.

If you know how to do it, only then try to do it or call the nearest HVAC inspectors to get it inspected. Dirt and dust can clutter the vents, so they should often get cleaned. If the ducts are clogged, your system’s workload will increase along with your bills.

Seal the cracks and leaks around your house

The prevalence of leaks or cracks in a house dwindles the impact of any cooling device. These cracks disrupt the work of your AC.

It is because cold air escapes through these leaks and cracks. So, to maintain a decent temperature, your system will need to work more, and the bills will increase.

If you have spotted cracks around your house, then call the company that could do a thorough inspection and helps you seal those cracks.

Evaluate AC’s capacity according to your needs

One of the most vital things you should take care of is that your device is good enough for your rooms.

There is no point in bringing a small AC that will take hours to cool your halls and rooms, thus increasing your bills. Checking how much space a unit cools will help bring more efficiency.