right kitchen remodeling

After some time, we often renovate our houses. One such place that gets renovated is your kitchen. And sometimes, you don’t take the time or spend the money required to get the right kitchen remodeling.

While inspecting remodeled kitchens, we find places where contractors have cut corners and didn’t solve the issue.

These simple issues lead to dangerous problems in the future. Some of the most familiar problems are listed here.

Electrical issues


A kitchen should have two 20-amp circuits for small appliances. It can be a wise upgrade to make.

Also, there should be a separate circuit for dishwashers, microwaves, fridges, and garbage disposers. It prevents tripping of the circuit breaker panel.

Separate microwave and fridge circuits aren’t mandatory but are a nice upgrade.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) 

The GFCI is an important safety measure for the kitchen. If you want the right kitchen remodeling, then the GFCI must be available for all the outlets. 

The ground fault circuit interrupter prevents you from getting electrocuted by the appliance.

The GFCI outlets are affordable. And considering the safety it provides, you should have them in a remodeled kitchen.

Charging gadgets

If you charge your phones and electronics in the kitchen, then have a separate outlet and space for them. 


Water lines

Remodeled kitchens can have plumbing issues. While remodeling your kitchen replace all the steel water lines. All steel pipes get rusted from the inside with time.

Ultimately, they reduce in diameter to a point where they completely restrict the flow of water. 

Changing the torn and broken water conduits help you get the right kitchen remodeling. 

Steel drainage

We often find remodeled kitchens with modern cabinets but with old steel drainages in the walls. 

The steel drains rust over time, and after a moment, they become useless. Changing drains isn’t expensive, and it is better to replace them when the kitchen gets remodeled.

Mechanical issues

The re-circulating hood fans

These fans that re-circulate air are pointless. All these fans can absorb and filter some grease in the air but not the odor, smoke, or moisture.

If you want to use these hood fans, your kitchen should get designed to exhaust the impurities to the exterior.

Installing cabinets before floors

For getting the correct kitchen remodeling order of installation is necessary. We suggest you install cabinets before the floors.

Think of it this way, when cabinets get installed on the floors, there are two problems. The floor will not expand or contract. And if you ever need to repair or replace floors, the cabinets will get damaged.

But if floors get installed after cabinets, neither cabinets nor floors get damaged.

Trendy designs

The trendy designs may look and sound great, but they are not. Trends are transient. You see them today, and they are gone tomorrow. 

And you shouldn’t employ too many trendy items while remodeling the kitchen. Certain places like countertops and cabinets shouldn’t be according to trend.

You can’t replace them every time the trend changes. 

Have enough space

The right kitchen remodeling will have enough space for all of the appliances. You may have gadgets like an air fryer, mixers, and coffee maker on the countertop.

There should be enough distance between the countertops and cabinets to allow tall appliance space.

There should be at least 18 inches distance, but 20 is better.

After this, you should ascertain that you can open your oven and use your dishwashers without stopping the flow of the kitchen.

Cabinet doors opening against each other also hampers the functionality of the kitchen.

You should consider these technical details while remodeling your kitchen.

HVAC lines

At some point, kitchen renovations also involve dealing with the HVAC system. It might need to get re-routed, depending upon the plan.

Suppose you are altering walls to allow more space HVAC line will get changed too. And if you ignore it can cause problems.

To solve this issue, you should hire an experienced HVAC specialist who knows what he is doing. They will calculate the distribution of air and change the system accordingly.

The previous system regulated the house as it got built at the start. But when you alter the house, the HVAC system becomes futile. Hence you need an expert to handle this.